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Welcome Back to Another School Year

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

I am sure you have a new set of goals and action plans for 2019-2020. I am suggesting that VisM can help you use your best resources to achieve these goals. We specialize in helping you with the following work:

Implementing strategic goals and initiatives.

Taking advantage of your most important resources – board leaders and

administrative team members.

Hiring strong team leaders when openings arise on your staff.

We do the “grunt work” and turn the final interviewing and decision making up to you. Our fees are at least one-quarter of what the average placement firm charges, some only send you resumes and leave all the search work to you.

Devising a plan to assure you reduce the chances of surprising the board with unforeseen problems - operational, personal or financial.

Leading institutional change

How to get board, team, faculty and parent support for change.

Take a look at our revised website, including services offered, testimonials, and past blogs –


You can get in touch by calling 508-847-1660 or emailing me at

I wish you a very successful new school-year.


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