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Trustee Giving Practices

Dear Head of School:

I am consulting an independent school on their annual and capital giving plans. The school has asked me to gather data on Board of Trustee giving habits and I am reaching out to you for help with the following specific questions: 

  1. What percentage of your school's 2016 annual gifts were from Board members? 

  2. If you were in a capital campaign in 2016, what percentage of the funds raised or pledged were gifts from your Board?

I do not plan to use the names of the schools who offer their information - just the data.

I am also happy to share the results of my research with you. When you send me your data, please let me know if you would like to receive the results of the study.

I hope you will be willing to help and I hope you'll be interested in the data I compile.


Dexter Morse

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