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Plan Strategically

After forty years in leadership roles at independent schools, literally from Vermont to Arizona, I have made the decision to start VISM (Vital Independent School Mentoring).

I firmly believe that the most important factor in creating and sustaining successful schools is a strong relationship between the Head of School and the Head of the Board. Many great things can be accomplished if the leadership of the school, the trustees, and the administrative staff are working on the same strategic plans for school improvement.

My work focuses on the vital relationship between the two school leaders and, as I have outlined on my website, I have much to offer heads and boards. I am also sure that you will be pleased with the affordability and flexibility of my service.

Why not add "Strengthen Relationships / Plan Strategically" to your 2016-2017 To-Do List. Let's make plans for a productive future.

I am available for a conversation any time.

P.S. - If you manage to carve out a little free time this July, here's a little light beach reading for you: "A New Direction" presented a student-centered philosophy to my faculty at Worcester Academy. It was the beginning of a journey that brought great change and success to the school. Together, I hope we can achieve new successes.

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