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How My Mentoring Will Help You Have a Successful Year

After forty-three years as an independent school administrator, nineteen as Head of School, I have established a mentoring business called “VisM” – Vital Independent School Mentoring.  My work is with Heads and Boards, thus the lead word in the business is “Vital.” There are three critical areas, in particular, where I can be of help to you to as you face the challenges of the 2016-2017 school-year.

1. Help in strengthening your administrative group:  Make your reports a strategically functioning team, rather than a group of individuals focused on their personal areas of expertise. The Head’s Executive Leadership Team must work together to support your goals and the goals of the school’s Strategic Plan. Your administrative meetings must be well organized with a planned agenda that focuses on school improvement. The members of the Executive Leadership Team must build trust with each other and need to break away from focusing on their own turf issues. I can help you make this happen.

2. Help in build bridges between the three leadership areas of the school:  The Board, You, and your Executive Leadership Team. I will work with the Board to encourage them to create a Head’s Support and Evaluation Committee – a direct link between your goals and performance, and the goals of the Board. I will help you set goals and action plans for the year.  And finally, I will work with you to use your Executive Leadership Team to set goals that help you achieve your goals and see the school improve.

3. Strategic Planning: I am very cognizant that strategic planning is a governance responsibility of the Board. But, I see strategic planning as a blue print for school improvement - and there is no one better positioned to lead this effort than the Head of School. I am experienced at leading school change and working with Boards to illuminate the educational priorities that the school faces.

Please visit my website and think about how I might be a help to you this school year.

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