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Help with Your Spring Hiring

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

When you return from Spring Break, you know it is a downhill schuss to graduation!

As March break quickly approaches, I wonder if you need help in either of the following two areas:


Are all of your key hiring needs been met? Remember VisM offers a very affordable and personal hands on hiring service. We do not charge a percentage of the new hire’s first salary. Depending on the job, we charge a set fee of $2500 to $5000, depending on the position sought. We do not just send you resumes. We first visit your school to produce an accurate position statement. We post the opening, contact interested candidates, and check references. We return to your campus and present you with qualified choices and help you arrange candidate visits to your school. We have done or are currently doing a head search, and searches for admission directors, CFOs, advancement heads, college counseling directors and division heads.


Schools and boards invest in a great deal of time and usually hire an outside consultant to build their next strategic plan. Unfortunately, the plan then is the responsibility of the head of school to get the plan implemented. The consultant who helped lead you to the plan is long gone and your day is already full running the school, with little time to plan for the school of tomorrow.

One of VisM’s specialties is helping heads build their leadership team around completing strategic goals and plans.

March is a great time to get on top of these two salient responsibilities. Give us a call or sent us an email. Discussing how we can help will cost you nothing but be a great help.

Dexter Morse

161 Fireside Lane

Holden, MA 01520


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