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Curriculum Change

What is a student-centered curriculum?

Simply put, a student-centered curriculum places the student in the center of the learning process. What we teach (the content and the skills), how we teach (the methodology) and how we evaluate student success should always begin with addressing the primary question – what is in the best interest of each student? The major goal of the educational process is to meet the needs of the students. A truly student-centered school should have a major goal that sets policies, practices and curriculum that are grounded in what is in the best educational interest of the students.

In practice, a student-centered curriculum means that more attention needs to be put on varying our teaching methodologies and our assessment tools. Classes need to stress inter-disciplinary studies, co-operative learning and global awareness.

The leaders of the VISM Group did a workshop at a recent NAIS Annual Conference called “From a Meat and Potatoes Curriculum to the Twenty-First Century.” If you could use some help in setting a new direction for teaching and learning at your school, please contact us.

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