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An Offer You Won't Want to Refuse

I am not sure that many of you are considering making a major institutional change, maybe even a change in your school culture, but you are concerned with the reactions of some of your constituents - especially your veteran faculty and staff who worry the most about change.

We at Worcester Academy made a huge cultural change in recent years which moved us from an adult-centered institution to a student-centered school. I was asked by Educational Directions to write a lead article in their "Head's Letter" describing how this change was successfully orchestrated. A link to that article  -  a blueprint of how to implement large change successfully - is below.

I founded VISM - Vital Independent School Mentoring - my Head's mentoring business, about ten months ago. I have had the great pleasure of working full-time since last July with two school Heads, as well as a few smaller jobs. I have found it somewhat frustrating, though, (as an individual service provider) to market myself against larger companies that have been supporting heads and schools for decades. In order to meet and help more of you, I have decided to make this offer:

I will work with you FREE for one month.

All it will cost you is my basic expenses (phone, mileage etc,) 

After one month working together you can opt to continue our relationship at a modest fee agreeable to us both, or to end our one month's relationship and remain friends.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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