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4 Points Critical To Your Success

The following is critical to your success as a Head of School: 

  • Do your administrators work as a group or a team?

  • Do they work collaboratively on the mission and strategic plans of the school?

  • Do they set action plans with timelines with measurable outcomes?

  • Can you delegate important responsibilities to the team and hold them responsible?

A key role VisM plays in helping heads is to strengthen their administrative teams by getting them to work effectively and collaboratively. Your leadership team meetings should no longer be mired in discussion of bus routes, cell phones, drop off procedures etc.

Your team must help you achieve the goals you and the board have set forward for your school. As you well know, your job as head of school is to manage strategic direction.

If you think you could use help in this vital area, please contact me. Asking for help just might be your strongest decision this year.

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