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Small School Head Searches

At VisM we charge a set fee of $30,000 (plus expenses) for a head search. We guarantee you a successful search. If you are not satisfied with the results we offer, you pay us nothing. Payment for all searches is held off until you have successfully contracted a new school leader.

What do we offer you in a search?
Experience: We have been involved in over 25 head of school searches.
We will spend the time needed at your campus to know you and to know what you need in your next leader.
We will take the responsibility to list your search nationally as well as internationally.

We are the only head search firm that offers to mentor the newly selected head for one year at no charge. All other head search firms disappear after they get their final checks.

We will help you go public with your search.
We will help you produce a Position Statement for the search.
All candidates will make application to us. We will handle all candidate papers ( letters of interest, resumes, statements of educational philosophy  and professional references).
We will interview all candidates who complete their application.
We will help you put together your Head Search Committee.

We will present a list of 12 to 20 qualified candidates to the Search Committee and help you reduce this group to a list of 5 to 8 semi-finalists.


We will notify the semi-finalists first and then thank all the remaining candidates and let them know that they will not be semi-finalists.


We will help set up the three finalist interviews and the meeting to follow to select the next head of school.


We will help you set up the semi-finalist interviews and then select your list of 3 finalists. Again, we will contact the lucky finalists and then the unlucky other semi-finalists.

We offer total satisfaction with our effort and results or you pay us nothing.
How do we define "Small School"?

A small day school has approximately 350 or fewer students enrolled. A small boarding school has an enrollment of no more than 275 students.

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