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Small School Head Searches

VisM concentrates its business helping schools that are looking for quality searches, BUT that cannot afford the overpriced firms that regularly charge schools between $75,000 and $125,000 for a head search.

Administrative Searches

From gathering salient data to arranging interviews, we'll do it all - for considerably less than you think.

Strategic Planning

Stressing Implementation and clear responsibilities.

Administrative Team Building

Focus on decision making and collaborative team work.

Board - Head Relations

Build a strong, transparent and supportive relationship with your board leadership.

School Finances

Help overseeing the financial goals of the Board.

Re- Accreditation

Our approach is 100 percent focused on school improvement.

We provide a game plan and support for change.



At the heart of VisM is Dexter Morse, bringing his years of experience and wisdom to your school relationships. VisM offers Dexter's personal touch and accessibility, as well as entree into the expertise of other seasoned Education professionals. Learn about how our experience can help you grow.

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Why Us

...I am happy to report that Dexter has delivered on his promise. His approach is supportive and insightful. He is careful to protect the role of the Head of School while offering useful and pragmatic advice when appropriate and when sought. He plays his part, which is to help the Head and team to function efficiently and purposefully toward the betterment of the school, but leaves it to the Head and the Administrative Team to look honestly at their own work on a regular basis and challenge themselves to grow....

Harry Lynch Head of School, The Newman School

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